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Fakemon Sprite Edits Home Page - Fakemon- Pokemon Sprites and EditsFakemon Sprite Edits Home Page - Fakemon- Pokemon Sprites and EditsDrakeonHello, Pokemon fans!SteeleonFakemon Sprite Edits Home Page - Fakemon- Pokemon Sprites and EditsFakemon Sprite Edits Home Page - Fakemon- Pokemon Sprites and Edits
Welcome to the place where Pokefans can show off their pokemon sprite splicing amd editing skills to the public. Below is our blog containing information about Pokemon gotten from sources like Psypokes, Serebii, PokeBeach, and more. So check back often for news regarding the brand new Pokemon game coming soon to Japan and US, Pokemon Platinum, The Pokemon TCG, the anime and movies, and pretty much anything else we can scavenge about what is going on currently in the Pokemon World. Stay tuned to see whats happening right now.

Sorry for the Wait!

Sorry for the long Gap in between posts, considering that really not much is happening right now, except for the upcoming American release of Stormfront TCG Deck and that Pokemon: Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky is coming to DVD real soon in Japan (lucky Japanese people get everything first!). Plus, since Platinum came out with brand new sprites for the Pokemon, so it would be much prefered if you used those from now on. kthxbai!

Shiny Charizard
2:41 PM EST

Pokemon Platinum NOW FOR SALE IN JAPAN

Pokemon Platinum Giratina Splash Screen

That's right! Pokemon Platinum is now out in Japan! The third installment of the D/P/Pt series is now being sold in Japan, featuring a whole new storyline, New Formes for Giratina and Shaymin, an all new Battle Frontier (like from Emerald), new pokemon for the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, a longer 210 Pokemon Sinnoh Dex, and much, much more. Plus the Strange sillouhettes are revealed to be new forms of Rotom! Since the first Rotom hung out in T.V.s, the others stay in different appliances. Here they are:

Wash Rotom
Wash Rotom, a water type, seems to have taken the form of a washing machine.

Frost Rotom
Frost Rotom, an ice type, looks like a refridgerator.

Spin Rotom
Spin Rotom, a flying type, appears to be a fan.

Haet Rotom
Heat Rotom, a fire type, seems to be an oven.

Cut Rotom
Last, but not least, Cut Rotom, a grass type, who appears as a lawn mower.

For much more exciting news, go to Pokebeach.com where you can find lots that you need to know about Pokemon Platinum!

Shiny Charizard
9:55 AM EST

Labor Day on the Horizon!
Labor Day is coming up, and Cartoon Network has decided to celebrate with a Pokemon Marathon that goes as follows: At 8:00 AM, it kicks off with a marathon of 20 pokemon episodes, followed up with the US Premiere the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 special at 7:30, and ends with the Rise of Darkrai movie at 8:00.
In other news, the Mewtwo and Rhyperior Fall tins and Regigigas and Heatran Holiday tins are coming soon, each with one Promo Lvl. X card inside, so try to get to a store sometime soon.

Fall Tins
Holiday Tins

Shiny Charizard
6:00 PM EST

First Post
Plat Cover Shaymin
This is the first post in the the brand new blog, so I thought I'd start with something happening with Platinum right now, the new pokemon game that features a brand new story line that includes Giratina with a new dimension called the torn world where you find him in his origin form. Anywhere else, he is in the form you see him in today. It also has Shaymin in it's Sky Form, which occurs when using an item obtained from an event called the Glacidia Flower. There is also a strange picture that has silhouettes of new pokemon to appear in the game. This is the picture:
Possible Rotom Forms??
These sillouhettes were recently confirmed as new forms for a certain pokemon in a recent interview, and by looking at them, I figured that they were new forms for Rotom! The game will be coming out for people in Japan this fall, and in early 2009 for US people. Now, we want you to post your opinion down below about what you think that the strange silhouettes are!
Shiny Charizard
12:41 PM EST

Having a hard time finding Pokemon Pics? We recommend going to Psypokes Pic Dex and look through the dropdown menus to get started. Oh and try to use the Jewels generation pics only, cuz they look the awesomest! -CL

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